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conlangers of the world, create!

From:daniel andreasson <daniel.andreasson@...>
Date:Tuesday, May 1, 2001, 10:51
   "Tulissayukxutpimakkimkas, katsayuknik!"

or, if you want it shorter, or at least more "broken up",
which you probably want with a slogan like this:

   "Tulistit sayukpimakkimkas, katsayuknik!"

Anyway. This means "Conlangers of the world, create!" which
I thought was a suitable phrase to translate today, May 1st.
[ Or should that be "of all countries"? ]

This also made me come up with words for "conlang" and
"conlanger", which feels kinda nice to have. "Conlang" is
_sayukxutpimak_, or _sayukpimak_ for short. "Conlanger" is
_sayukpimakkim_. The perfective suffix _-xut_ is often used
to form "adjectives" or "participles" out of verb roots, but
no-one's gonna beat you up if you leave it out.

Did I mention this is in Nakiltipkaspimak?


   tulis-sayuk -xut-pimak   -kim -kas -0
   'conlangers of the world' ("world-conlangers")

   kat-sayuk -nik

...or the second alternative...

   tulis-tit  sayuk -pimak   -kim -kas -0
   world-GEN  create-language-AGTR-COLL-ABS
   'conlangers of the world' ("world's conlangers")

   kat-sayuk -nik


   PFV  : perfective aspect
   AGTR : agentivizing suffix
   COLL : collective suffix
   ABS  : absolutive case
   IMP  : imperative mood

||| daniel, demonstrating in his own way

<> Kattawiknik pimaktasal! <> <>
<>      Katsayuknik pimak! <> <>


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