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Re: conlangers of the world, create!

Date:Saturday, May 5, 2001, 19:55
In Saprutum :

Tebannuya.sapira?a beykulli-?ardim, telatam teqsawiti-tutum!

See attached gif, (a bit cruder than I would have liked)

From the root BNY to build or create (nebnaya(m) = I built) and the pattern
XaYYuZ- one who habitually or professionally does the action, we get
bannuyam - a builder, bannuya?am - builders, bannuyatam - a building
collective (citing the "accusative" or neutral case forms). Adding the
2nd person definitive te- produces a vocative sense tebannuya?am -
"you builders!".

From the noun sapram (root SPR) - report, communication etc, whose
collective number sapratam means language (Saprutum is the marked
"nominative" case) is derived the adjective sapir- - linguistic.
[Whorfe went over to the Klingon Empire, I think :-) ]

Thus tebannuya.sapira?a(m) - Ye linguistic creators!

be-y(e)-kulli - in the whole; ?ardim - genitive of ?ardam - earth, so
"in the whole of the earth", "in all the world"

te-l-atam - 2nd coll. demonstrative pronoun for something near to the
person addressed - "you lot that I'm addressing"

QSW to make or create, neqsawa(m) - I created, so teqsawiti(m) - you all
will/might/should create. The preceding "telatam" disambiguates the mood,
stressing the imperative (although Saprutum speakers usually avoid giving
direct orders, as this is considered offensive except in dire emergency).

tutum - postfixed subject pronoun "you" (collective), not essential, added
for general emphasis.

Interestingly, in the first phrase the conlangers are thought of as a
plurality of separate individuals, whereas in the final exhortation they
are treated as a collective body. But then that's what happens when you
start translating Marxist slogans.

Personally, when I was at school (a decade or so after Ray I imagine),
we used to sing "Free beer for all the workers ... (when the Red Revolution
comes along)", ah, such idealism wot we had then. Nowadays it's more like
"The People's flag is deepest puce, I should vote Labour, but what's the use?"