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Re: Future Swedish (was: Re: Japanese English)

From:daniel andreasson <daniel.andreasson@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 29, 2000, 13:39
James Campbell wrote:

> (The C14 dragon text would benefit greatly from an > interlinear gloss, IMHO :)
You got it! Oc j siøn-um bodhe een stoor rædhelikin draki, hwilkin and in lake-DAT lived a big abominable dragon which 'And in the lake lived a big abominable dragon, which...' mykyt folk drap, oc engin kunde han fordærfwa. much people killed and no_one could 3M:ACC destroy 'killed a lot of people and no one could destroy him.' The, j staden-om bygdo, skuldo hwar dagh gifwa drakan-om 3PL:NOM in city-DAT resident should every day give dragon-DAT 'Those who lived in the city should give the dragon...' tw faar til fødho. Oc naar the thet ekke giordho, two sheep to food and when 3PL:NOM 3SG:ACC not did 'two sheep to eat every day and when they did not do so...' tha drap han folkit oc aath... then killed 3SG:NOM people:DEF and ate... 'then he killed people and ate...' -om/-um is dative. The preposition 'in' _j_ governs the dative, hence all the '-om' endings. Well, that should be a pretty straightforward interlinear, I think. / Daniel