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joining concultures,was Re: Alternative histories and paralele universes

From:Carlos Thompson <chlewey@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 5, 1999, 4:47
Hawksinger wrote:

> Kristian Jensen wrote: > > > But then again, like you said, each of us might be a tad to > > protective of our own creations for this to work in the long run. > > When one changes something, a conflict could arise when the other's > > creation becomes affected by this change. I fear that eventually, > > such creative unions will diverge into separate creations later on. > > Perhaps the thing to do, is to not have a constant interaction or to > do so relative to the real world. In other words, Nowapan could very > well have liberated Boreanesia and now we are just friendly nations. > We could occasionally mention something to the affect of; "well, this > is how my nation reacts to the Korean missile tests, etc." > > The main reason I keep Nowapan so neutral is really to keep from > screwing up the real world. There are things that are likely to > be unvoidable, such as World War II, but I want to keep it grounded.
In the world I've concieve for my Hangkerim people, the way history happe= nd in the old world would be the same as in our universe... up too Columbus arr= ival to America. And the way it is present there would've been no USA, and the h= istory of Europe would have vary a lot since 1492. Some time points in the history would be: 25000 ~ 12000 years ago: America begun to be settled 11000 years ago: First permanent settlements 8000 years ago: Maize begun to be cultivated 7500 years ago: first horses, bisons and llamas begun to be domesticated.= 7000 years ago: Intensive agriculture in some river valleys, First Lemura= ki (Mississippi) culture begins 6600 years ago: Lemuraki expands and develop some stone architecture 6000 years ago: Papalegrita (Parana) culture expands 5000 years ago: First cultures begun in Mesoamerica 2400 bH ap (2466 bC) Chibcha tribes invade Bacata plateau and = begins Mosca culture. 2200 bH ap (2266 bC) Chibcha tribes come to Kokila mountains (= Santa Marta). 2160 bH (2226 bC) First stone constructions of Hembica culture in t= he higher Hanke (Magdalena) Valley. 1352 bH (1418 bC) The Nations of Mosca, Hembica, Calamay, Kokila an= d Motalina join a Federation for ensure trade and protection against rival = tribes. 1245 bH (1311 bC) First Kingdom begins when the Federation elects t= he first King 356 bH (422 bC) Semtalika begin attacks against Hangkerim and neighboring tribes. Hangkerim troops are defeated and King and Caciques a= re killed. 355 bH (421 bC) Semtalika general Bormag eb Sumelto is proclamed Governor of Hangkerim, massive kidnaping of Hangkerim priests and aristoc= rats and transportation to Semtalika 12 bH (78 bC) Cumhangdiku organize the Hangkerim people and begun the g= reat offensive against Semtalika 1 bH (67 bC) Hangkerim defeats Semtalika invaders 1 HY (66 bC) Cumhangdiku is elected First King of the second Kingdom 41 (26 bC) Cumhangdiku dies, his nephew Monlemiku succeeds 875 (809 AD) King Pelangduni is deposed, Republic begins 1558 (1492) Columbus arrives to Leminari (Bahamas) islands 1559 (1493) Columbus have first contact with Hangkerim traders in Yum= brenti (Hispaniola). 1564 (1498) First Spaniards come to Hangkerim continental territory. 1567 (1501) Spaniards begin an offensive against Hangkerim. 1570 (1504) Hangkerim army defeated in Lemuzamingha. 1616 (1550) Colonial institutions are established in American territo= ries controlled by Spaniards. First Spaniards begun permanent settlements in Hangkerim territory. 1620 (1554) Hangkerim begin a guerrilla war and corsair attacks to Sp= ain ships. 1681 (1615) Hangkerim float is defeated in a navy battle near Gibralt= ar. Spanish float seriously damaged. 1683 (1617). England takes over Spain colonies in America. Almost 350= 000 Spaniards living in Hangkerim decided to stay. Diplomacy stops guerrilla= attacks. 1706 (1640) After hostilities by England administration, Hangkerim pe= ople restart guerrilla war and reconstruct (stole) its float. 1722 (1656) After a war against France, A big English war convoy is d= efeated by Hangkerim and Lemuraki ships. Hangkerim troops recover almost 80% of = the territory. Most civilians are respected, but most European settlers move= to the cities still controlled by England 1723 (1657) London and York are bombed from Hangkerim ships. Lemurak= i troops invade southern England. 1728 (1662) England takes back from Lemuraki the invaded territory an= d counter attacks. Lemuraki repeals an attempt of invasion by England. 1732 (1666) England sign a peace treaty with France, and joint forces= for recovering American territories. 1743 (1677) England and French troops (50000 men and 10000 horses) ta= ke shore in Hangkerim territory and begun a offensive against Hangkerim peop= le. 1762 (1696) The English and French troops stop the offensive after ha= ving recovered 60% of the territory. Peace treaty is signed between Hangkerim= leaders and the British King. Corsair attacks cease. 1810 (1744) English and Spanish coloners begun a revolt against the h= igh taxes the British Kingdom had imposed. Coloners' leaders ally with Hangk= erim leaders. 1813 (1747) British troops defeated. Hangkerim corsairs sinks Britis= h float. Hangkerim is divided in two sovereign states: the Hangkerim Kingd= om and New Cartagena with a government of Criollos (Spanish descendants) and Ame= ricans (English descendants). 1815 (1749) Civil war begins in New Cartagena between Criollos and Americans. Hangkerim people in New Cartagena ally with Hangkerim Kingdom troops and involved in the War. 1816 (1750). Civil war ends. New Cartagena becomes part of the Hangke= rim Kingdom. Parliament is established. 1830 (1764) England sent troops for recovering Hangkerim. Float is s= unk in the Caribbean. 1831 (1765) Peace treaty signed. England recognizes Hangkerim as a sovereign state. 1945 (1879). After succession question, Hangkerim is split in two King= doms: Kurimpe and Jelamha. 1965 (1899) The province of Daluram (Guajira) secedes from Jelamha an= d form a Republic. In this scenario the political culture in Europe, and finnally WWII would= have been different. But probably the problems Spain and England had conquering America woul= dn't have change the discovering and colonialism of new worlds in Affrica (but= less slaves woud've been needed), India, Southeast Asia and Oceania. Nor the expantion of Japan, and the WWII (at least for the Pacific view point) a= nd now Nowan, Boranesia and Sayat have diplomatic representation in Kurimpe, Jel= amha and Daluram, and they communicate with each other in Malat. I still wonder if some Chomros came to Hangkerim. -- o_o =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D= =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D=3Dw=3D=3D=3Dw=3D=3D=3D=3D####### Chlewey Thompin ## #### ## ## ## ------------------------------------------------##-## ## ### - =BFPor qu=E9 no? - No tiene sentido. - =BFQu=E9 sentido? El sentido no existe. - El sentido inverso. O el sentido norte. El sentido com=FAn, tal ve= z. O sin sentido, como aqu=ED. (-- Graeville 2)