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Re: joining concultures,was Re: Alternative histories and paralele universes

From:Hawksinger <hawksinger@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 6, 1999, 23:02
Matt Pearson wrote:
> > Kristian Jensen wrote, in reply to Hawksinger: > > >This makes total sense. Not only do gorillas and chimps ignore each > >other, but the same phenomenon can be applied to other animals. If > >you don't have chimps and gorillas in your backyard, then all you > >have to do is look at birds to see the phenomenon at work. This is > >pretty interesting actually. > > > >If you decide to accomodate Kenji's Sayat speakers in Nowapan, > >chances are that the Sayat would be left completely to themselves. > >They will live together with the Nowans but they will basically as > >separate species ignore each other. > > I don't know about this. One of the traits that separates homo > sapiens from other species is how they take a more-than-necessary > interest in the world around them. We have entire fields of study > (biology, zoology...) devoted to butting into the affairs of other > species. Might not the Nowapans, as fellow intelligent hominids, > have this same trait? >
Nowans are intensely curious, a trait I only recently discovered in them and one which will be covered more fully on my soon to be posted Shamanism in Nowapan page. I think they would be very curious but also more than a little uncomprehending of the motivations of the other species (speaking of which, have you noticed it being pronounced [SpiSiz]?). They would be aware of the Sayat and interact with them as they do indeed with the rest of the world. They just do it a lot less than another Homo sapiens nation of their size, economic and military clout would do. -- Brad Coon My Conlang and Conculture pages Most of my pages including my home page My Outdoor and Primitive Skills Pages My wine pages. "Life without adventure is merely existance."--Hawksinger