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Gender as suffixaufnahme?

From:Jeff Rollin <jeff.rollin@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 21, 2007, 22:52

Does anyone know of a language that includes gender affixes in

To clarify:

Suffixaufnahme: Imagine a language with the two nouns "cat" and "fur". A
noun in the ergative case takes the ergative suffix: cates (CAT-(e)-erg) and
noun in the genitive case takes both genitive suffix AND a case suffix to
agree with its head noun - "catens fures" CAT-(e)-gen-erg FUR-(e)-erg): "The
fur (agent) of the cat".

Now, imagine a language which in addition to case suffixes, has gender
suffixes. In this language, "gat-a" (CAT-fem) means "she-cat", and "gat-a-n"
(CAT-fem-gen) is the genitive case of "gata". Similarly, "furr-o" (FUR-masc)
means "fur" and "furr-o-s" (FUR-masc-erg) is the genitive of "furro".
However, when the genitive depends on another noun, the genitive takes (a) a
genitive suffix (b) the gender and case of the head noun: furr-o-s
gata-n-o-s (FUR-masc-erg CAT-fem-gen-masc-erg) "The fur (agent) of the cat".

Is this possible?



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