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Re: Meridonian

From:John L. Leland <countsirjehan@...>
Date:Monday, June 30, 2003, 21:10
Some time ago there was a request for more Meridonian. Here is another
sample, one of several fragmentary pieces from the legend of Mel'za (Melissa).I fear
serious romlangers will be disappointed; as I said in my self-introduction,
Meridonian is the chief conlang of my "casual"period; it has no lexicon and no
formalized grammar. Even the spelling, which is its most distinctive feature,
is not uniform. Looking at this text, I realize the rules I posted before do
not accurately describe it.   Of course, in this it is more like real medieval
languages than my strictly organized Rihana-ye. The pseudo-historical
explanation for the untidiness of Meridonian is that thisconworld was peopled by stray
groups of people who fell in from our world (like C.S.Lewis'sTelmarines);
approximately the same ethnic groups ended up appearing in equivalent
geographical areas, so much of the equivalent of Europe was populated by people from the
Roman Empire and later Romance-speaking medieval kingdoms, and out of their
attempts at communicating grew Meridonian. Later the educated courtier class
attempted to make the resulting mix more consistently like classical Latin (as
some renaissance scholars did in our world).
That produced HIgh Court Meridonian, but this text is not very "High."
Looking it over, I am appalled by its inconsistencies. Unfortunately, that seems to
be true of most surviving Meridonian texts. If time permits, I may try to
produce more regular versions.
John Leland