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Re: Greek vowels; was Re: an announcement...

From:Ed Heil <edheil@...>
Date:Wednesday, September 29, 1999, 14:24
The article in Historische Sprachforschung is in English.  It's in 107
Band (1994) 1. Heft, whatever that means (volume 107, number 1?).

The article is, _On the Non-verbal Origin of the Greek Verb
_Ne:phein_ 'to be sober'_.

He derives it from an adjective that was reanalyzed as a participle.
Not particularly relevant to the topic at hand, but I happened to have
it at hand.

Anyway, if my notes turn up, I'll see if I can find anything on the
pronunciation of eta.  You know, it's entirely possible that he was
talking about pre-classical Greek when he mentioned the two sounds
which both ended up as eta in classical Greek, and I misremembered
that.  That would agree with Vox Graeca and you as well.

Boxcars are pulling an Ed of sorts out of town.

Raymond A. Brown wrote:

> At 2:17 pm -0600 27/9/99, Ed Heil wrote: > >You're not likely to find much by Weiss, unless he's been publishing > >like a devil lately -- he's fairly young, though IMHO brilliant. He's > >an Indo-Europeanist specializing in Greek. If I'm representing him as > >saying something absolutely ludicrous, then it's possible that my > >memory (giving out already at age 29) is betraying me again. > > Right. > > I don't say that Weiss is saying something ludicrous - as a young IEst > specializing in Greek he may well have more recent info than I know about. > That's why I'd be interested in knowing what it is. > > > > >Only thing I can remember that he published is a paper on the verb > >ne:phein in _Historsche Sprachforschung_, and I remember that because > >he was kind enough to give me a copy. :) > > Ah - does he write in German? > > I had to read a lot lnguistic stuff in German at one time - but I never > found it easy :=( > > Ray. >