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¿Naro cel ei nau cepoa sia? ['naru,gil enQ,gibua'Za]

From:Christian Thalmann <cinga@...>
Date:Saturday, January 11, 2003, 20:38
[Jeff:  You've already seen this, sorry about that.]

I'm devising a language of a relatively sophisticated but
untechnological jungle people.  The phonology is supposed to
be non-trivial (I like them that way), but well pronounceable
and not unaesthetic.  Furthermore, I've tried to give it a
certain "jungly" feel.

###  I'd appreciate any comments or suggestions about the
phonology itself and its presentation.  ###

As for the title phrase:

|¿Naro  cel    ei  nau     cepoa      sia?|
  none   see:F  it  course  discuss:N  1sg
"Has nobody seen my discussion thread?"

...where F and N designate finite and non-finite verb forms.
|Nau| means "course (of a river), case (possible outcome,
option" and reflects the language's propensity to borrowing
idioms from its jungle environment.

-- Christian Thalmann

BTW: A few days ago, I posted an announcement of this new language
to four independent conlanging discussion lists, including conlang.
I received a single answer.  To rule out the possibility that it
simply got overlooked, maybe because of a boring thread title, I've
now reposted it with a teaser of the phonology right in the title.

This will be the only attempt to bump the subject, so no need to
fear for spamming.


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