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Re: ¿Naro cel ei nau cepoa sia? ['naru,gil enQ,gibua'Za]

From:Christian Thalmann <cinga@...>
Date:Thursday, January 16, 2003, 23:12
--- In, Dirk Elzinga <Dirk_Elzinga@B...> wrote:

 > If you intend the fusion effects ("medialization") which apply
 > to consonant clusters to also apply to GC clusters, then it
 > seems you are considering glides to be consonants. If the
 > voiced alternants of consonants appear between glides and
 > vowels as well as between vowels, I don't see that as a problem;
 > it'll just make your statement of the rule governing this medial
 > voicing a bit more complex -- but not unnaturally so.

Yes, there was some confusion there.  I have now decided to
view glides as a separate class of phonemes, aside from vowels
and consonants.

 > Okay. Then the generalization is that NC clusters within a
 > phrase will share a place of articulation.


 > >I'm trying to rework the phonology now, but I feel like it's
 > >growing above my head soon.
 > Don't despair! Miapimoquitch has long been over my head, but
 > that makes it more fun, since I feel now that I'm really
 > *discovering* the language, rather than creating it. As I said
 > in an earlier post, just be clear about which alternations you
 > have, and describe them as simply and directly as possible.

I'm going to be half dead in tomorrow morning's lecture, but
at least I've finished my provisional rehaul of Oro Mpaa
phonology.  Whee!  =P

The link is the same:

Gotta go to bed now.  My neck aches and my fingers cramp.  ;-)

-- Christian Thalmann