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CHAT: Is there a conlang inspired in Old English?

From:Ángel Serrano <aingelja@...>
Date:Thursday, September 5, 2002, 7:47
Hi everybody. After some messages talking about Frisian and Old English, I must
say that recently I have discovered a new world for me: Englisc. I bought a
simple Englisc grammar, which I find quite understandable for a newcomer like
me, and I've fallen in love with this old language. I can also speak some
German, so I sometimes find similarities between Englisc and Modern German, so
learning some Englisc is not as difficult as I had thought.

I have a question: Does anybody know any conlang inspired in Old English?

I know Brithenig is like a Celtic-rooted romance language, but I'm thinking in
the hypothetical conlang of the Britons, if Celts had mixed with Anglo-Saxons
instead of fleeing to the West and North of Great Britain. Is there such a
conlang already?


Ángel Serrano.
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