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Re: ConNumerology

From:Diana Slattery <slattd@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 24, 1998, 11:46
> > > Ok, I'm WAAAAAAAY late, but here's some details on Aelyan numerology: > > Aelya has 27 letters, which are organized into groups (encen) of 9, > thence their numeric equivalent. (e.g. a=1 b=2 l=3 f=4 s=5 etc..) Each > number is associated with 3 of the 27 sacred trees, the trees serve as a > sort of "grammar" of the religion, they structure ritual belief etc. Once > the numbers are added together (according to various sytems depending on > purpose of reading) the final numbers provide info which relates to > elemental triads. > There are 9 elements (earth, air, fire, water, spirit, metal, wood, > chaos, flesh) which combine in threes to form 729 triads. These relate > directly to combinations of the trees in twos (27*27=729). Each elemental > triad and tree pair (tardhu and yathu respectively) has an image, a deity > who speaks through it, and a meaning. > <snip>
Glide has a 3--9--27--729 system as well. Glyphs--3 different elements in threes--27 of them...and on like that. then pairs of glyphs. classical poetry forms in Glide include the 9--square--which can also be done three dimensionally. diana