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Re: English and its influence on other languages (was: Re: About linguistic (in)tolerance)

From:Orjan Johansen <oerjan@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 31, 1999, 5:49
On Sun, 28 Mar 1999, Tom Wier wrote:

> Orjan Johansen wrote: >=20 > > Who's pretending? It happens frighteningly often that I can only rem=
> > the English word for something but not the Norwegian one. Although I > > think the opposite still happens more commonly. Of course it depends > > heavily on the subject matter. >=20 > Wow -- it's that bad? What percentage of the Norwegian population > can speak English fluently? I think I can perhaps grasp why so many > Scandinavians and Hollanders worry about the future of their language...
Oh, don't worry, it's just me spending far too much time on the Internet. Greetings, =D8rjan, sleepless in Trondheim.