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Hello again, and a syntax question

From:J. Barefoot <lesfraises@...>
Date:Sunday, March 28, 1999, 19:37
Hello Everybody! Remember me? Well, I barely have time to read this
thing anymore, let alone input to the conversation. Sorry. I hate
lurking, but it's a necessary evil.
Anyway, I have a question. The language I've been working on
(discovering?) recently has resumptive pronouns (in the formal or high
register), but I'm not quite clear on how they work. The scheme I've
been using is:

The shirt that you want is on the bed.
The shirt -this clause relative- you want it.resumptive topic on the
An fe xiyan na ti ngipai inya wa ma fiy@.

or one I had some trouble with:

I know that you will not allow me (to do it).
I know -this clause relative- you not allow me.resumptive
Is that right? Am I making grammatical errors in my own language? Would
someone who knows more about syntax please explain this to me?
And what about when there is no clear referrent in the main clause, for
example if there's a "dummy object," like:

I know that you will not allow it (to happen).

thank you for your help,

Jennifer Barefoot
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