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Re: Aelya and Cein Revisited

From:Daniel Andreasson <rymddaniel@...>
Date:Wednesday, August 1, 2001, 12:24
Aidan Grey wrote:

--- Daniel Andreasson <rymddaniel@...> wrote:
> > Note the new rules on vowel length that I've added. > > A vowel is long when syllable final (except some > > short always unstressed words) or when followed by a > > voiced obstruent /b d g D v/. Examples _so_ [so:] 'he' > and _llug_ >[Ku:g] 'dragon'.
>Very simple! I like it.
Again, this is from Welsh. I think. I suppose I've simplified the rules, but I like it this way.
>I suppose you've niticed >that I gave up on my beautiful length rule - I >couldn't make it work with what was coming out of my >sound changes.
Couldn't you make up some phonological rules afterwords like I did?
> > Then I changed the pronouns, but the possessive > > pronouns remained.
> Very cool! Very ... diachronic! ;)
Hehe. :)
> > Perhaps they should undergo nasal mutation because > > of the _an_?
>It's a possibility, and would make sense. You mean, >nasal instead of the limited soft mutation?
Yes, exactly. (Although in Cein the soft mutation isn't limited.) The problem is that adjectives are always soft and not nasally mutated, so they should be in these surroundings too. I think I'll stick with the soft mutation after all.
>In Aelya, soft mutation (maogad) is caused by old >nasal of vowel finals, and lenition (shulad) by >geminate consonants and long e, long i, and short i.
Wait a minute. You make a difference between soft mutation and lenition? I though they were the same. Or is lenition and spirant mutation the same?
> > Good lord! I have around 250 only. How do you find > > the time?
>Simple. Don't have a life! ;)
Oh, okay then. :) *thinking of ways to get rid of friends* ;)
> > I liked the analytic nature of the _an_ particle > > as well, but it's cool the way the /n/ assimilates > > to the next cons. Perhaps it's a bit more European > > too.
>I liked it too, and it's becoming something else. >Haven't quite figured out yet - maybe the comparative >prefix, or an equative 'as'. I mean, for example: > She is as beautiful as Maora. > Bhean se an Maora.
Oh! Equative! I've gotta have that too! _Bhean se an Maora_. Excellent! The way adjectives work as verbs is very cool. It reminds me of Rinya (and all the other languages in which there are no "adjectives" just verbs). Perhaps I can use the Q. _ve_ 'as, like', which in Cein would be _fe_ [v@]. Naer se an fein fe Maora. is she at beautiful as Maora. 'She's as beautiful as Maora.' What do you think?
> I'd ditch the apostrophes too. As to dative/object >forms of the pronouns - keep it as you have it! You >don't HAVE to have objective forms - Irish gets by >just fine without any (well, mostly without any).
Well, I don't have objective forms. I don't want any either. It's the dative forms I want. Forms like _in ni_ 'to me' really feels awkward when I could have _ini_ or _inni_ instead (or something to that effect).
>Syntax would cover it all just fine. Of course, you do >have to come up with some personalized prepositions >(like dhoro, nean, and nas). At least, there common in >all the Celtic langs, Welsh included.
I know. That's what I'll work on next, alongside with dative forms (which is kinda the same thing). But I don't know how they work exactly. Are they prep + object pronoun or prep + subj pron? How do they work? Could you give examples?
>Well, the celtic langs don't really have infinitives >per se, just the lovely VN. And -idd isn't that far >from -ad, so I'd keep it all like it is and just call >them verbal nouns. Just me, of course.
Well, that's what I'll do.
> Well, I've been futzing with Aelya for about 7 years >now, and I can finally see the light at the end of the >tunnel. I've just got that excited burst of energy due >to things finally getting somewhere.
My eternal problem. To continue after that first burst of energy. The Cein - Aelya cooperation has helped me past that first hindrance. I think the collaboration of many people can make the Family Project really successful; when you see what other people have done with the same material you have, the inspiration is great. At least that's my experience with Aelya and Cein. ||| daniel _________________________________________________________________ Hämta MSN Explorer kostnadsfritt på