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Aelya and Cein Revisited

From:Aidan Grey <frterminus@...>
Date:Monday, July 30, 2001, 15:55
> PRONUNCIATION: > > [e'al n@j ni: an tSej'ni:D sen i a'dar a am: new] > [e'al si: n@j ni: an tSej'ni:D i ada'rOd new il > e'vIn] > [e'al na: i ejr new ta'nom i na: e'vIn sen vel'DUr] > [na: vel'DUr KIm vejn LIm leg] > [n@jnT I Dir aj In nen so:] > [na: so: an jej'Ki:D in ni: @ fa:b ni: in so:]
I forget - does /'/ indicate stress on preceding or following syllable?
> eal ney ni an ceinidd sen i adar a amm > new > lo be:1SG:PRS I at see:INF here the father and > mother my > 'Lo, I see here my father and mother.'
How did you derive 'new'? Just curious.
> na felddur llim fein, llim leg > be:3SG:PRS Valinor AUG beautiful AUG green > 'Valinor is so beautiful, so green.'
Ooo! I like this use of llim (from limbe/lin?).
> naenth i ddyr a'i in sew nen > so > be:3PL:PRS the man:PL and-the child:PL 3:POSS with > he > 'Men and children are with him.'
I much prefer your use of 'children' to what I had. I'm making some changes below...
> Predicative adjectives and nouns work as verbs, > but unlike verbs they undergo soft mutation.
Nice! Very realistic!
> COMPARISON BETWEEN CEIN AND AELYA: > > Being so closely related, I thought it might be > interesting > to compare the Cein and Aelya versions:
Since I translated this, a couple of things have changed. I've found a couple of the words in my vocab list (now over 1500 entries!).
> Eal, ney ni an ceinidd sen i adar a amm new. > Ela, nan ar chenad sin adyr as amma en.
-> Eal, nan ar chenad sin adyr as amma en.
> Eal, si ney ni an ceinidd i adarod new yl efin. > Ela, si nan ar chenad adeinn orala eilh bhen.
-> Eal, si nan ar chenad adeinn orad eilh bh'en.
> Eal, na i eur new tanom, i na efin sen felddur. > Ela, na emel en tamm, i ar ch'orad sa Bhelen.
-> Eal, na eur en tamm, i ar ch'orad sa Bhelen. emel should be eur from Q. heru.
> Na felddur llim fein, llim leg. > Bhean an Bhelen, laog an se.
-> Lembhean Bhelen, as lellaog se. I like len- (from lin-) better here (Thanks Daniel!). Note assimilation to initial consonant of adjective.
> Naenth i ddyr a'i in sew nen so. > Na deir a seill ess dhoro.
-> Nai deir aren ein ess dhoro. Nai = na + art aren = as + art ein = children (from hiin, hini)
> Na so an ieillidd in ni. A mab ni in so. > Na so ar dholad nean. A dtold en nas.
Na so ar ghyalad nean, a gcolad en nas. ghyalad =len. + call (< Q. yal, enyalie) + VN gcolad = soft mut. + col (bring, bear) + VN /na so @r Cal@d n&n @ gol@d en nas/
> Please tell me what you think.
I like it! I've got enough vocab now that grammar getting hammered out is not too far away, though I wouldn't say it's shaky. All kinds of things yet to figure out about clauses and such. And objects of subordinate clauses! I plan on using a little Irish and a little Welsh in this regard. I think it's so cool to have sister langs like this, so much so that I've got an idea, to be explained in another post... aidan __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Make international calls for as low as $.04/minute with Yahoo! Messenger


Aidan Grey <frterminus@...>