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a random sampling of new verbs

From:byron walker (vlad) <umwalk05@...>
Date:Thursday, April 1, 1999, 11:45
H=E6, all!

i just finished making up some verbs for lanu'o (or =9Ai:, the name elude=
s me
as of yet) and i thought i'd post them up here. All feedback is
welcome....this is my first conlang project, and i'v probably fouled
something up badly already and just don't know it yet........teehee!

tsuchi - To do again and again
jubai - To do (not wanting to but will do it anyway)
dwaiklo - To bash a hollow log so that the grubs within are exposed
neme - To shake a blanket to get all the dust out
nggaadupirri - To divide up into measly portions but be sorry about havin=
zho=F0ikai - To see strangers far in the distance
gobaatsi - To set a brushfire
napiku - To carve an nggala out of a piece of wood
sautubai - To paint a dancer for the wabaito ceremony
mutaani - To be waiting for someone to come back after a long time
vyhytuge - To need to go to the bathroom
=9Aili - To want to have children
ntaarru - To be lost and need to go home
kilimakobi - To unintentionally commit a tabooed act
runi - To encounter a person speaking a language you don=92t understand
daabeki - To tell a long story
faotwibo - To search for water

.fana=91gwibo=92mo twi khi=92ne nggi juvaa=92dehai=92re, ni sho=92mue duv=
i atama

byron...aka vl=E5d, vl=E4d, vlaad, og auli..........hehe