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A Vocabulary or Phrasebook of the Mutsun Language, spoken at the Mission San Juan Bautista

From:B. Garcia <madyaas@...>
Date:Friday, June 10, 2005, 5:14
I thought some of you may find this a very interesting resource. It's
a vocabulary (and short grammar) of the Mutsun language, one of the
Ohlone languages spoken here at the time of the arrival of the
Spanish. It was written by Fr. Felipe Arroyo in 1861. It's all in
Spanish, but I think an online translator should be mostly sufficient
:). Fr. Arroyo was apparently Catalan, so you see Catalan conventions
(such as accents).

Mutsun is a dialect of Southern Ohlone, and was spoken in an area
about 170 miles by 80 miles, quite a broad region, and it covered the
area between Merced, Santa Clara, and Monterey. It is most likely the
language of the tribes around Monterey. SIL's classification is:
Penutian > Yok-Utian > Utian > Costanoan > Southern Coastanoan

This would most likely be an influencing language in Montréi in Ill Bethisad.

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