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Re: A Vocabulary or Phrasebook of the Mutsun Language, spoken at the Mission San Juan Bautista

From:Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>
Date:Friday, June 10, 2005, 22:30
Barry Garcia wrote:
> I thought some of you may find this a very interesting resource. It's > a vocabulary (and short grammar) of the Mutsun language, one of the > Ohlone languages spoken here at the time of the arrival of the > Spanish. It was written by Fr. Felipe Arroyo in 1861. It's all in > Spanish, but I think an online translator should be mostly sufficient > :). Fr. Arroyo was apparently Catalan, so you see Catalan conventions > (such as accents). > > > > This would most likely be an influencing language in Montréi in Ill > Bethisad.
Is it still alive? But ay de mí, a hopelessly Latinate grammar-- to the point, I suspect, of completely disguising and probably misinterpreting the language!! If it's the only grammar of the lang. ever written, I suppose we have to say it's better than nothing. Gutenberg's format in this case is a little annoying, you have to start at page 1 and go on page by page; no way to skip around (that I could figure out), no table of contents, etc. I realize it's a _copy_ of the original, of course. I got about 10 pages into it before resigning...never did find any key to the pronunciation. Or a wordlist.