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Language Fluency

From:David H <olen_outo_otus@...>
Date:Tuesday, August 31, 2004, 17:54
Hi. I was wondering about how many languages you think it is possible for
a person to achieve fluency in, one who has only been brought up speaking
one language, and would have to learn the others from scratch. By fluency
I mean being able to communicate most things with little or no trouble,
and more than just being able to order food, getting a train ticket, etc.
Also, do you think it is necessary to live in the country where the target
language is spoken in order to become properly fluent? I have heard of
cases where people speak 30 or so languages, but I highly doubt they would
have been spoken fluently.
Also, is it possible for a person to become fluent in a language, without
living in the country of the target language?


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