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Re: Language Fluency

From:Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>
Date:Saturday, September 4, 2004, 16:47
Christophe wrote:

En réponse à Mark P. Line :

>>Interference is a phenomenon that occurs during a certain window along the >>course of a person's acquisition trajectory for a particular L2.
>And when I learned Dutch, none of the
previous languages interfered. However, interference has appeared now and works *backwards*: Dutch keeps interefering with my French and my English (although I control that without much trouble), and interferes so much with my Spanish that I basically am unable to throw a single full sentence in Spanish anymore (Dutch words keep coming instead). I've had this experience various times when for some reason I had to speak Spanish. It can be very frightening ;) . Note that before I learned Dutch, my Esperanto was already interfering with my Spanish. But in that case, there was *some* similarity that could explain it. The similarity between Dutch and Spanish is far too small to explain the interference! ;) It may be a question of "most recent vs. earlier acquisition". Spanish, which I learned first and best, has never interfered with any following language, in particular Italian and most recent Indonesian. But after a period when I didn't speak Spanish, and had been immersed in Indonesian, I found that Indonesian was interfering with my spoken Spanish (more in grammar than vocabulary, however-- I kept forgetting to use the past tenses, instead substituting _ya_ + present, in imitation of Indo. _sudah_ 'already ~past/perfect')