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Re: GROUPLANG : POLL2 (Re: cases, modifiers, pron

From:Who? <fflores@...>
Date:Sunday, October 25, 1998, 15:05
Mathias M. Lassailly wrote:

>OK, then let's rather give up distinguish organs and results when using a noun >to make verbs. Let's use >English semantics with the split ergative system Carlos first proposed and you're >now quite confident with. >It's similar to English verbs pattern so is easily understood by everybody.
I agree with great relief :-) [snip]
>I mean : it's viable under the condition you stick to English vocabulary. For example
Thanks. Tho we don't want a Euroclone, I think retaining some "western" points of view is better than forgetting them all.
>However I'm OK with split ergative because it makes it easy to learn for Europeans, >especially English- >speaking ones : they equate predicate to verb, absolutive with intransitive >nominative, passive with >accusative and ergative with transitive nominative. Then we don't need attributive >anymore either and can >replace it with genitive. Let's do that and go ahead now : > >4 cases : > >ERGative = transitive nominative >ABSolutive = intransitive nominative >PATientive = accusative >GENitive = attribute attached to nouns. >on the English pattern.
Fine. I hope you don't think we're missing some exoticness here. :-) This system is quite simple for a European language speaker, but it still sounds natural. --Pablo Flores