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Re: Hello! - introduction

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Thursday, September 14, 2006, 20:48
Santiago Matías Feldman writes:
> Hello, conlangers. > > I'm new to the list. Well, in fact, I was a member of > the list in 2002 through 2003. But then, for a number > of reasons I unsubscribed from it.
Welcome back! :-)
>... > Today, I'm working in two new conlangs set on this > Earth, more precisely in Western Europe. One is > Laturslav, basically a Romance language as regards > vocabulary, but Turkic as regards morphology and > syntax (agglutinating). >...
Very interesting. Do you have some examples? Since I've been doing a Romance lang myself now, I get even more interested in comparing it (and the whole continuum of Romance conlangs I've already looked into) to other people's work. :-) Is the grammar fully taken from or inspired by Turkic or did you evolve Latin into being agglutinative in some way that feels like Turkic? (There's this polysynthetic Romance natlang which they call 'French', so why not evolve Latin into something agglutinative?)
>... > The other conlang still doesn't have a name, but the idea is a > non-Indo European language, absolutely unrelated to the rest of > languages of the world, but with some specialized lexis taken from > Latin, Ancient Greek and English, as most Europeans languages have > it. >...
Also interesting -- I'd also be interested in more information about its design goals, etc. **Henrik


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