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Hello! - introduction

From:Santiago Matías Feldman <iskun20@...>
Date:Thursday, September 14, 2006, 15:26
Hello, conlangers.

I'm new to the list. Well, in fact, I was a member of
the list in 2002 through 2003. But then, for a number
of reasons I unsubscribed from it.

I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'm 29 (about to
turn 30).

>From my conlangs, the one that I have developed most
is Moesteskin. It started as a by-product of a conworld I devised when I was a teenager. At that time, I didn't know much about languages other than Spanish and English, so Moesteskin looked very much like English and Spanish. As time went by and I started learning other languages (Russian, German and Turkish), I began to incorporate some of these languages' features into my conlang. So, today it looks a bit less Indo European, but it is still so to a certain degree. I started developing some other Moesteskin-related conlangs, based on my conworld, but I haven't reached very far yet. Today, I'm working in two new conlangs set on this Earth, more precisely in Western Europe. One is Laturslav, basically a Romance language as regards vocabulary, but Turkic as regards morphology and syntax (agglutinating). The other conlang still doesn't have a name, but the idea is a non-Indo European language, absolutely unrelated to the rest of languages of the world, but with some specialized lexis taken from Latin, Ancient Greek and English, as most Europeans languages have it. Well, I'll be reading your posts. BTW, I don't have my conlangs on the net. I don't seem to find the time and the expertise to upload them yet. But I'm looking forward to doing it soon. So, it's a pleasure to be in the list. Best regards, Santiago Feldman __________________________________________________ Preguntá. Respondé. Descubrí. Todo lo que querías saber, y lo que ni imaginabas, está en Yahoo! Respuestas (Beta). ¡Probalo ya!


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