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From:Boudewijn Rempt <bsarempt@...>
Date:Monday, October 11, 1999, 19:38
On Mon, 11 Oct 1999, Charles wrote:

> > It will eventually become clear to everyone, what I've been ragging > on since 1996, that ***THE BROWSER IS THE ONLY INTERFACE***. > Applications must abandon all entanglements with interfacing code. > Just plain HTML is all the user ever sees. On the server side, > it is whatever the developer wants. This opens up the potential for > web-based services, not caring what kind of browser or OS the users have. >
I think you're right, but for the moment the problem with state is not solved - not even by using Zope. Besides, there's the problem that not all interfaces translate neatly to the Web, and that web-based applications still can't offer the many conveniences of a well-integrated desktop application. But I'm developing a bit of code to generate the presentation of the data, and that will use HTML. (In fact just like KFM, the KDE file manager - the window which shows all the files is just a HTML viewer.) So the presentation of the data will quite easily transfer to a web-based interface. In general, I think web-based interfaces are top-notch for the exploring of data (making in this case for a truly interactive grammar), but desktop based interfaces are a tad more comfortable for the entering of data.
> > better. That's the best of Python, you can redevelop less succesful > > parts of a project without much exercise. > > You really shouldn't need to do fancy interfacing though, > or require anything of the user beyond some browser ... > OK, in this case you need a local web server and database too. > Well, everybody should have Linux anyway!!! >
It's just the interface between the application logic and the database - a kind of middleware component. What I'd really like would be a public server, running a database, that everyone can connect too - if Essle (my server) is online, and you know the IP adress, you could login to my database easily, even with the version of Kura as it is now. Boudewijn Rempt |