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Re: subjective temperature (was Re: idea: environment pronoun)

From:nicole dobrowolski <fuzzybluemonkeys@...>
Date:Monday, April 15, 2002, 18:56
froge sionk daniel andreasson...
> nicole dobrowolski wrote: > > > monkey child... so in narethanaal you would say something > > like 'i am cold' or 'i am cold outside' rather than 'it is > > cold' or 'it is cold outside'... so i was wondering what > > 'cold' would be in this instance..? adjective? direct > > object? > > 'Adjective' is a word class and 'direct object' is a "function" > or "part of speech". So you're right in that it is an adjective, > but the function in this case is "predicative". The "direct > object" of copulas such as "be" are called predicative. So > > I am cold. = predicative > The cold monkey. = attributive
this is why it's generally a good idea to ask questions ;)... thanks for answering :)
> If adjectives function as nouns in narethanaal and you > mark nouns and adjectives for case, then "cold" would probably > end up in the nominative. Otherwise just leave it as it is.
well this has actually given me two different ways to handle this situation... i could make cold into a noun: seselora yest myo (it is cold/i am cold) seselora to gaile yest myo (it is cold outside/i am cold the outside) and since i have no word for refridgerator in narethanaal: memenai to alkso yest myo (the soup is hot/i am hot the soup) or as an adjective: yest selora myo (it is cold/i am cold) to gaile yest selora myo (i am cold outside/the outside is cold) to alkso yest menai myo (the soup is hot)
> > > and what about 'outside'? > > This is an adverbial of place. If "the fridge" can be used > like this in narethanaal, then you might call it an adverb > in this particular case. I haven't seen anything like it > though, which is even more reason for you to actually go > through with it. :)
well... up until this point i haven't been a big fan of adverbs but the oppurtunity to make 'the fridge' an adverb is just too hard to pass up so it definitely is one in the above sentences...
> Oh, and Darkwing Duck rules! :D
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