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Re: yet another new conlang web page

From:Adam Parrish <myth@...>
Date:Friday, July 16, 1999, 20:49
On Fri, 16 Jul 1999, Matt Pearson wrote:

> Very nice! Two points of clarification/correction/whatever: First, you > have the sentence: > > pfus im ty dend si mak im nga ksette > dog my NOM bird GEN friend my ACC attack > "My dog attacked my friend's bird" > > Shouldn't that be "Pfus im ty mak im si dend nga ksette"? The way you > have it, it should mean something like "My dog attacked a bird's friend > of mine" (?). >
Whooops, you're absolutely right. *slaps forehead* I'm still getting used to this head-final stuff. Your correction is right on the nose.
> Also, you give the sentence: > > se si mak ve rus nga to"mma > you GEN friend DAT book ACC give-1P > "I gave the book to a friend" > > What's the "se si" doing there? Does the sentence actually mean "I gave > the book to YOUR friend"? And if so, why "se si" and not the postnominal > particle meaning "your" (can't remember what it is... "is" or something)? >
B'oh again. This must have been something that I copied verbatim from my paper draft back before I devised the possessive particles, and then (for some reason) I decided to use as an example here. Ignore the "se si," it's now obsolete.
> Keep up the good work! >
Thanks for the help and encouragement! Later, Adam