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I'm back, sort of

From:Andreas Johansson <andjo@...>
Date:Monday, September 22, 2003, 14:30
Hello, fellow conlangers!

I'm now happily settled here in Aachen, Germany, except for one thing - I still
don't have Internet access in my appartment! However, now I can access the 'Net
from the Uni library, and I've optimistically set the list to DIGEST, hoping I
can follow (and comment on!) at least some of the discussions on the list.

I've, naturally, not had any much time for conlanging since coming here - in
any hole between two study- or bureaucracy-related things, there's unfailingly
a foreign students' party! - so I'm afraid I can't delight you with any amazing
new discoveries about Meghean adjectives or Telendlest accusatives*. I've done
a minor update of my webpage - mostly errata - but cannot upload it! Well, that
little problem is going to be solved ...

* Given that these don't exist, this may be excusable!


PS Hanging on to this list is going to fulfill one very practical purpose for
me during this year - saving my English! I'm amazed and dismayed to see that
after only one week of speaking mostly German, it's an mental effort to switch
to English. Has anyone else going to a foreign country experienced anything
similar? (My Swedish is unaffected, FYI.)


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