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Re: "Useful languages"

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Thursday, February 14, 2002, 22:45
Dan Sulani wrote:

>Small correction to what I just sent: > >> This type of verbal wordplay is sometimes known as >>"Tom Swifties". There is a list of examples at the site: >> >> >> >>This site also has links to other sites with lists of "swifties". > >I just went back and tried the links --- I couldn't get them to >work. But putting "Tom Swifties" into Google turned up a number of sites >that do work, among them: > >
Right; the links didn't work. The "swifties" with language names were certainly inspired by "real swifties", but I don't think we called them that.... Good heavens, this goes waaaaay back-- are people still doing swifties? or maybe rediscovering them.