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Re: "Roumant", or maybe Narbonósc.Part VII

From:Christophe Grandsire <christophe.grandsire@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 3, 2001, 23:15
En réponse à Dan Jones <feuchard@...>:

> > > > Where does your verb apeglarse come from? I suppose it's cognate from > French > > "s'appeler" and I'm wondering where this one comes from too :) . > > L. appellare "to call, summon" (well done Luca - at least I think it was > Luca), which developed along a similar line to English and French to > come to > mean "to be named". >
Well, the non-reflexive French "appeler" still means "to call". But since from what I know other Romance langs use other verbs for "to call", I didn't know it could traced back to Latin with the same meaning...
> > Actually the English version isn't a translation, it's an adaptation.
Very true, I saw that on the official site of Les Misérables. That's why there is so much difference between the French and the English lyrics sometimes (I have the English version of "Do you hear the people sing", as well as the French one "A la volonté du peuple" sung by Michel Sardou, they have nearly nothing in common, except the music!).
> They > took the same music and wrote completely new lyrics to fit it, that's > why it > worked so well. The Anglophone version of Notre-Dame de Paris WAS a > translation, almost word-for-word, and at times it sounds awful (like > "The > Court of the Miracles"). That's why it wasn't as successful here. Still, > I > love Notre-Dame de Paris (Bohemienne and Le Temps de Cathedrales are my > favourites). >
In France, we're getting fed up with Notre Dame de Paris. There is no show on TV you can see without hearing at least once the title of the musical. They are going a little far this time, I'm afraid they are gonna disgust people of musicals (we'll have three musicals on stage at the same time when Roméo et Juliette begins, within two weeks, that's getting a little too much for a country that was still musical-unfriendly only two years ago).
> > Cats is an English show originally, by Andrew Lloyd Webber (He of Jesus > Christ Superstar fame), still going strong on the West End. >
I know that. But for what I know (at least from what my Dutch boyfriend told me), musicals became famous again in the Netherlands when a Dutch version of Cats was put on stage there. So why not make a French version of it? After all, there are better musicals in the world than our three miserable Franco-French productions (The 10 Commandments, Ali Baba and Roméo et Juliette if you're interested in knowing what we're getting right now on stage).
> Dan (who likes modern musicals) >
Christophe (who likes musicals too :) ).