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80th lexicon entry

From:H. S. Teoh <hsteoh@...>
Date:Sunday, September 16, 2001, 18:20
Hi all, today I just added the 80th word to my conlang's lexicon. I just
thought it might be interesting to you.

zo      [zo] (Kirsch)
        Conjunction, "and".
        Unlike the English "and", this conjunction only occurs between
        nouns or noun phrases of the same case (it does not join sentences
        or larger structures). Also, it is very rarely used, since the
        language has "implicit conjunction": adjacent nouns of the same
        case are understood to have a "silent" _zo_ between them.

A related word is _keve_ [keBe], also translated as "and". However, _keve_
carries more of a flavor of "and then", or "therefore". _keve_ only joins
clauses, sentences, or passages; it does not overlap with _zo_.
Furthermore, _keve_ does *not* carry the meaning of "also" -- the English
construct "and also" is translated with another word.

Another conjunction in the language is _miKa'_, which can be translated
"but", "on the other hand", or "meanwhile".

ObConlang: what kind of conjunctions are in your conlangs? Are they
equivalent to the English "and", "but", etc., or are there different words
for the various meanings of "and", or are they divided differently from
conjunctions in English?


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