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Re: I may not be a bearded, left-handed, gay Lithuanian, but...

From:Adam Walker <carrajena@...>
Date:Tuesday, June 6, 2006, 0:59
Nice list!

--- wayne chevrier <wachevrier@...> wrote:
> I found a Western Abenaki dictionary in a thrift > store.
I don't have anything on Western Abenaki, and I'm not even sure where it's spoken or what family it's in! Other languages I
> have something on(bilingual book, dictionary, > picture dictionary, phrase > book, word list, grammar, Teach Yourself, etc.): > English,
Got it. Middle English, Ditto.
> Scots, Old English, Icelandic, Norwegian, Danish, > Swedish, Dutch, German,
8 dittoes. Also Faroese, Althochdeutch, Gothic, Frisian, Swabian, Viennese and possibly others.
> Latin, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, > Romanian,
Six dittoes plus Dalmatian, Occitan, Sicilian, Galician, Catalan, Cajun, Joual, and Kreyol.
Ditto, plus Latvian and Old Prussian, plus some stuff printed out from the net on other extinct members of the family. Russian.
> Ukrainian, Czech, Croat, Polish,
5 Ditoes, plus Byelorussian, Slovak, Slovene, Wendish, "Highland" Polish, Serbian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, OCS, and possibly others.
>Irish, Gaelic,
2 dittoes, plus Manx, Cornish, and Welsh.
> Albanian,
Ditto. Classical Greek,
> Modern Greek,
2 dittoes, plus Byzantine and NT Greek.
>Farsi, Sanskrt, Hindi, Punjabi,
4 Dittoes, plus Kurdish, Marathi, Maithili, Bengali, Gujarati, Assamese, Nepali, Romany, Adawasi Oriya, Tajik and probably others.
> Finnish, Hungarian,
2 dittoes, plus Saami, Mari, and a couple of others. Turkish, Ditto, plus, Azeri, Uzbek, Kazakh, Uyigur, and Turkmen.
> Arabic, Hebrew, Ancient Egyptian,
3 dittoes, plus Iraqi, Kuwaiti, Saudi, Levantine, Egyptian and Morrocan-specific materials. Hebrew, anciant and modern. Also Amharic, Somali, Tigrinya, Assyrian, and others.
Ditto. Plus Venda, Zulu, Xhosa, Bemba, Shona, Tswana, Twi, Hausa, Lulua, and others.
Ditto and Mayalam and Telugu IIRC.
> Thai, Lao,
2 Dittoes. Vietnamese,
> Hmoob(Hmong),
2 dittoes, plus Rao and several others.
>Chinese, Cantonese,
2 Dittoes, plus Taiwanese, Wu, Xiang, Tibetan, and some others, I believe. Korean, Japanese, 2 dittoes.
> Indonesian, Gadang, > Tagalog, Hawaiian,
3 dittoes. I lack Gadang. But I have Tahitian, Fijian, Visayan (IIRC), Javanese, Sundanese, Balinese, Chamoro, and several others including related langs from PNG. Ojibwa, Mohegan, Shawnee,
> Inuktitut, Mohawk, Cree,
Ditto on Ojibwa and Cree, but alack I lack the others. However I have Cherokee, Dakota, Miwok, Alabama-Coshuta, Babine-Carrier, Yupik, Inupiak, several Mayan langs, Waorani, Tupi, and a good double hand full of others.
> Klingon, Sindarin, Quenya, Esperanto, Sandastrian,
Ditto on the first 4. Also have Interlingua, the Star Wars phrasebook, and several printouts of various projects with an on-line presence.
> Proto-Indoeuropean, and > Proto-World.
Ditto, and other protos, but mostly in the form of articles treating on a specific aspect of said. I also have books on langs such as Ainu, Basque, and other Isolates, various langs of PNG from famlies not in your list and other various and sundry that are not presently coming to mind. Additionally I have materials on American Sign Language, Signed English, British Sign Language, Taiwan Sign Language, Hong Kong Sign Language, Plains Indian Hand Talk, Austrian Sign Language, and articles about others such as Russian, German, French, Martha's Vinyard, Nicaraguan, Mexican and Hebrew signed languages. Oh, and then there's Gestuno. At present my language books fill about 6 standard 5-shelf book cases. Adam the compulsive. Debostu indagud ul Erodu segredimindi cuamandu uls magus pera ul tembu djil aparechuni djal steja, 8 ed remichud sis ad Betuemi, dichindu: «Cumvi avinedis iju indagadi djudjindimindi djal credura, ed cumvi discuvredis si dadi mivi saberi pera fi ia ju ed adori ju sivi magari.» Machu 2:7-8


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