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Re: YHL's Meep & mi Ling-Frak (was Re: Workin' on some stuff.)

From:Jonathan Chang <zhang2323@...>
Date:Sunday, August 27, 2000, 19:35
In a message dated 2000:08:27 7:02:54 AM, yl112@CORNELL.EDU writes:

><sheepish look> Well, I do that do. But I started with meep and >expanded to mreep, grep, mrackle, mrack, meeps, meepsa, meepf, murkle, >and who knows what'll happen next. :-p My friends are getting used to >the increased inventory of strange sounds. > >YHL >
*gigglabyte* plentee nice... Do ya think Meep would be highly amusin' usin' a sorta "broken" or "newspaper-headline" style syntax usin' VSO or SOV? re: Lingua Fracta (was Lingwa Frakas) : I have decided to go with a more Romance-language etymological orthography (as opposed to the more Germanic-influenced fonetic pidjin-like one) for both aesthetic reasons and for more wide-spread recognizability reasons (at least - hopefully - amongst English, Spanish, Italian and most Romance-European-influenced readers/users). But Lingua Fracta will still be basically a pidgin/creole. Afterall Lingua Fracta is a "TechnoCulturally-literate pidgin" being created to foster a "XenoCultura" (a transnationalistic paraculture - in opposition to the mainstream status quo and pop/subcultures). Example of this mindset: in XenoCultura, _musica_ is a word that refers to past and present conventional/traditional/popular theories, practises and forms/genres/styles of music. In the XenoCultura of Lingua Fracta, either words literally meaning "sound-creation" and "sound-play" are highly preferred. czHANg