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New cyriliic orthography for WT6b

From:Paul Bennett <paulnkathy@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 19, 2000, 5:26

I've (finally) managed to produce a non-roman orthography for a conlang.
Well, okay, it's just a phonology (WT6b) at the moment, plus a vague notion
of sistership with the other Wene-thagojic langs (Wenetaic, Meynian, mQlo`
and Thagojian).

It's a Cyrillic orthography (possibly the second-most popular 'non-native'
conlang orthog?), but not a straightforward Russian one.

The orthography is inspired by the Abkhaz version of the Cyrillic alphabet,
rather than the standard Russian version, and there are a few other chars
poached from various other langs, as well as few diacritic- and digraph-
combinations of my own.

I can't (as yet) produce cyrillic characters in e-mail and be even remotely
confident that y'all'll be able to read them, so I'll quote Unicode 2.1
numbers longhand.  I also give the X-SAMPA for the name of the letter.

Unicode 2.1:


The rows in the table below are Capital Romanised, lowercase romanised, X-
SAMPA, Capital Unicode Number, lowercase unicode number and X-SAMPA of the
Name (in Russian if not indicated), in that order.  Unnamed letters are
diacritised versions of named latters.

An asterisk stands for "followed by the 'soft sign'"
A plus stands for "followed by the 'hard sign'"

B   b   b    0411  0431  bE
Vh  vh  v    0412  0432  vE
V   v   B    0412* 0432*
G   g   g    0413  0433  gE
Q   q   G    0494  0495  Abkhaz /G@/
Qh  qh  R    0494* 0495*
D   d   d    0414  0434  dE
Z^  z^  Z    0416  0436  ZE
Z^h z^h z\   0416* 0436*
Z   z   z    0417  0437  zE
Z"  z"  r\_r 0417* 0437*
Dh  dh  D    0417+ 0437+
Zh  zh  Z    04E0  04E1  Abkhaz /dz@/
J   j   j    0419  0439  i 'kratk@jI
K   k   k    041A  043A  ka
L   l   l    041B  043B  El
Lh  lh  L\   0409  0459  SC /L\@/
M   m   m    041C  043C  Em
N   n   n    041D  043D  En
N~  n~  N    040A  045A  SC /J@/
N^  n^  N\   041D+ 043D+
W"  w"  H    04A8  04A9  Abkhaz /H@/
Y   y   M\   04A8* 04A9*
P   p   p    043F  041F  pE
R   r   r\   0420  0440  Er
R^  r^  r\`  0420* 0440*
S   s   s    0421  0441  Es
Sh  sh  S    4021* 0441*
Th  th  T    0421+ 0441+
T   t   t    0422  0442  tE
P^  p^  t_N  04AC  04AD  Abkhaz /t@/
W   w   w    040E  045E  Belarusian /'u ka'rotkaje/
W^  w^  v\   040E* 045E*
Fh  fh  f    0424  0444  Ef
F   f   p\   0424* 0444*
X   x   x    0425  0445  xa
Xh  xh  X    0425* 0445*
H   h   h    04BA  04BB  Azeri, Tatar & Kazakh /he/
S^  s^  s`   0428  0448  Sa
S^h s^h s\   0428* 0448*

The vowel system is still to be decided, but will probably be a set of
"pure" (ie non-yotated) vowels, with yotated variants used in recent loans
and in writing non WT6b names (etc).

Any comments on either the romanisation or the 'cyrillisation'?