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Taalennin clefting

From:Aidan Grey <grey@...>
Date:Friday, March 22, 2002, 18:12
   I don't have all the details worked out (or the vocabulary), but I was
wondering today how I'd say something like "Tom, the tall guy, is a doctor"
in Taalennin. Since 'tall' is a stative verb, it would appear in the
conjunct form when modifying, but if I said

    be-PRES Tom tall-PRES:CONJ doctor.

    It would mean something like "The tall Tom is a doctor" or "Tom, who is
tall, is a doctor." I wondered how I'd distinguish a relative or adjectival
use from an appositive. Here's what i cam up with:

    be-PRES tall-PRES:CONJ Tom doctor.


    be-PRES Tom one tall-PRES:CONJ doctor.

    (in actual Taalennin: something like: Ar radh Tam palthen. -or-  Ar Tam
cen radh palthen.
     With a SVO order:  Radh Tam ar palthen. -or- Tam cen radh ar palthen.)

    Word order, or the use of an indefinite pronoun in apposition, seems to
do the trick. I should note that I've thrown out mutations, and I may also
ditch the VSO word order. I think there's enough in my verbal system to
make it different from English that stealing EVERYTHING from Irish isn't
necessary, even if it is, of course, desirable.