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Re: OT Pronunciation of _Galle_ (was: YAPT)

From:Paul Bennett <paul-bennett@...>
Date:Friday, January 7, 2005, 0:53
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From: Ray Brown <ray.brown@...>

> On Wednesday, January 5, 2005, at 08:02 , Benct Philip Jonsson wrote: > > > Paul Bennett wrote: > > > >> What's bugging the hell out of me is the BBC news, who > >> insist on refering to the town I thought was /'g@l`:e/ > >> as /g&li:/ > > > > On the Swedish news they call it /go:l/, so now I'm utterly > > confused, since I've always assumed /'g@l:e/ based on the > > standard way of romanizing Indic words. > > I don't know what BBC source Paul means, but on the television BBC > 1 news > & on BBC News 24 it has consistently been pronounced like "Gaul", > even by > correspondents in the place, whenever I've watched. The Swedish > /go:l/ is, > I guess, based on that. > > I suspect that _Galle_ is not a standard romanization of any Indic > form,but an English spelling of a local name, dating from the days > of the Raj.
It was BBC Radio 1, and they seem to have stopped it. They're saying /gOl/ now, more or less. At least, I think it was Radio 1. Come to think of it, it could as easily have been one of the variously-abled news staff on the local CBS news. *Somebody* consistently pronounced it /'g&li:/ for a week or two, and it annoyed me more than it should have. That's quite good enough for me, though possibly not good enough for public discourse. *sigh* Sorry for my even sparser than usual presence, by the way. I have had computer problems at home, and at work I don't get a lot of chance to keep up with work-related email (let alone this nonsense). Paul