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Re: Integrating snippets from other languages into your L1

From:Jim Henry <jimhenry1973@...>
Date:Wednesday, July 19, 2006, 16:03
Learning Esperanto has had several effects on my English
usage -- one I've noticed recently is a tendency to say
things like "I totally don't X" (analogous to the usual
Esperanto "Mi tute ne ....").  I'm not sure what the normal
English equivalent would be, but "totally don't" still
sounds odd to me even though I use it sometimes.

I also sometimes use "fuŝ'" as a mild swear-word in
English (from "fuŝi", to screw up; derived I think from
German "pfusch"?)

I've also found myself trying to use a nonexistent
English word "amplex" (from "ampleksa") instead
of "ample" -- "ampleksa" has a somewhat
different meaning from "ample", and "ample" isn't
really the word I want in many such contexts,
which is why I reach for "amplex"; maybe "thorough"
or "complete" is closer.

>From Toki Pona I've picked up "pona!" and "pona a!"
as happy interjections in Esperanto (where it's likely to go unnoticed as being so similar to bona/bone) and in English. "Ach" / "aĥ" could have come from Esperanto or German; probably the former (as its source in my idiolect, I mean; I reckon it came into Eo from German). I also use a roughly equivalent "ħa" (/GA/) from gzb. -- Jim Henry


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