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Weekly Vocab 18

From:Christopher Wright <faceloran@...>
Date:Sunday, August 17, 2003, 21:59
1. right (inalienable privilege, not direction)
"We hate Rights as much as we hate Wrongs," said Gregory.

2. to bless
Those around him blessed him.

3. anarchist
They were anarchists, you see.

4. to reach [for]
They reach for the stars to pull them down.

5. freedom
Anarchy is about complete freedom rather than even a modicum of sanity.

6. law
To them, law is by nature evil.

7. language
I wonder what they would think of the rules governing language.

8. burn
I have a burn on my finger.

9. to hurt
It hurts horribly.

10. cheerful
Despite the anarchists and the pain, I am cheerful.

After next week, college starts, so I may have to go nomail. (I can manage
19 credits or the Conlang list, but not both ;)) I'll still have plenty of
time for a Weekly Vocab, though.



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