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Re: Throwing out the tree-structured grammar (SF Xenolinguistics FAQ)?

From:Joseph Bridwell <darkmoonman@...>
Date:Saturday, June 11, 2005, 16:03
> I cannot see that it is possible to have anything > recognisable as language that is not reducible > (or morphable, or pick-your-verb-able) to some kind > of tree. The universe of perception is things > happening to objects, relationships between objects, > and relationships between events. That's pretty > irremovable from a tree-able structure, isn't it?
IMO, one can argue the exact nature of perception on a neurological level, but anything above this is hypothetical in my world. There are neurological paths which are resulting from need, evironment and species' concensus - layer upon layer of subtle assumptions - so deeply emphsized that I wonder if they might not as well be hardwired. And I remain unconvinced that anyone can think non-linearly - that non-linear thinking isn't really linear on so discrete a level that the claimant can't perceive it. Could a different type of brain truely think non-linearly? Maybe, but I assert a human would perceive it as linear. So, yes, I agree - it's all linear.