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Re: CHAT: Sax Rohmer et al.

From:John Cowan <jcowan@...>
Date:Monday, September 11, 2000, 14:25
Padraic Brown wrote:

> Aye! I think he must have a Secret Index of the things, so that > whenever someone asks about something, he can come up with just > the right URL or oddball quotation.
Honest, guys&dolls, it's Alta Vista and nothing but, as far as the web pages are concerned. It helps to be able to skim a page quickly so I can hit the Next link. The quotations are embedded in my cortex, but I usually use Alta Vista here too, in order to "straighten" the wording. On occasion, I keep my own wording, as in these favorites: We call nothing profound that is not wittily expressed. -- Northrop Frye, improved by John Cowan "Take a letter: To Humadinger, Humadinger, Humadinger, Humadinger, and Humadinger?" "That's Humadinger, Humadinger, Humadinger, Humadinger, and Humadinger?" "No, no! You left out one of the Humadingers --- *and he's the most important one*!" -- Groucho, improved by Thomas A. Cowan (my father)
> Yea though I tread through the Valley of Ignorance, the Cowan > is with me; his Webpage and Quotation they comfort me; he leadeth > me to Knowledge's Well...
*blush* -- There is / one art || John Cowan <jcowan@...> no more / no less || to do / all things || with art- / lessness \\ -- Piet Hein