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CHAT: Sax Rohmer et al.

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Friday, September 8, 2000, 22:19
Didn't he also write "The Green Eyes of Bast"?  Same un-PC cliches etc., but
with an Egyptian background.  I recall enjoying it around age 12.

I suspect S.J.Perelman aped his style on more than one occasion.  _Dacoit_
was a favorite word.

Lovecraft phase:  I always liked the Cthulhu stuff, and, living in Boston at
the time, found "Pickman's Model" appropriately scary.  Years later I read
his "novel" (posthumous? title forgotten), basically a recounting of the
adventures of a Human amongst a variety of Demons and Ghouls. Gag-making,
save for one memorable line:    "...but a ghoul's a ghoul, for all that, and
no fit company for a Man."

Not quite this genre, but I wonder if anyone else has ever discovered Amanda
McKitrick Ros, latish 19th C. British.  She never let one word suffice where
two or more would fit, and used alliteration to a fare-thee-well.  One
remembered title:  Delina Delaney.  Another:  (someone someone) Bastard
Critic-- she didn't like critics, I wonder why?  Heroines were forever
taking to their "couch of rest", and one donned "the loose linen of lengthy
lore".  A total hoot.  Chollie:  I know these are (or were, 40-plus years
ago)  in the Harvard libraries, in case you need any chuckles.
I should search the Web for her-- but meanwhile, I'll bet someone will
produce a URL..........