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Re: "The Miller's Sons" in Ygyde

From:Joe Fatula <fatula3@...>
Date:Wednesday, April 23, 2003, 1:12
From: "Andrew Nowicki" <andrew@...>
Subject: Re: "The Miller's Sons" in Ygyde

> I have to go back to work now, so I do not have time > to check it, but I like the way it sounds. Ygyde does > not sound bad at all!
That's all a matter of opinion. Personally, I don't enjoy the sounds of Ygyde.
> This word was not in the dictionary. I just made it: > knight = oketapy = "noun strong war person" (an)
Wait a minute - that's not different in substance than "soldier". Consider these: knight = noun-strong-war-person private = noun-big-war-person lieutenant = noun-big-war-craftsman sergeant = noun-war-craftsman soldier = noun-war-person By their constituent parts alone, you can't really tell which one is which.
> I believe that Ygyde is not yet ready for everyday > communication. It has a vocabulary of about 2500. > You can easily double that number by making verbs > and adjectives from existing nouns. I guess that > a real language must have a vocabulary of at least > 10,000 words.
And there you have a question of what makes a language "real". Ygyde has about 2500 words, but hundreds of those are not used in everyday conversation, though they could be. I haven't needed the word "zipper" for some time, though I could need it at any moment, given the circumstances. Some words are more needed than others, and "real" languages don't have all possible words in them.