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New member greets list :-)

From:Kinetic <kinetic_wab@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 23, 2005, 0:09
Greetings all!

Allow me to introduce myself.  I'm a conlang enthusiast from the
UK and I just signed up to the list.  I've actually come across
this list's archives a few times on the net, but never got round
to signing up until now.

A bit of background:  I first tried conlanging at age 11 (that was
when I started to learn German in school and discovered a hitherto-
unknown passion for languages that's still with me to this day!).
Of course my first lang was woefully naive... and unfortunately
I've forgotten most of what I ever did on it.  Since then I've tried
on numerous occasions to make a serious effort at a conlang, and
it's always run out of momentum fairly early on.  But recently I
started one almost without any kind of planning, just letting it
evolve, and discovered to my surprise that this attitude seemed to
make it go much further than any of my previous attempts...
Anyway, this has all brought conlanging very much to the forefront
of my interests again, which is why I joined the list!

Finally, before I go ahead and start posting stuff, I should point
out that I haven't had the time to read very much of the archives,
so I don't yet have a good idea of the conventions and stuff on this
list.  Should I just go ahead and contribute, or would I be better
off lurking for a little while to get a feel for things

Thanks, and I look forward to some interesting discussion! :)



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