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OT: 4D

From:Paul Bennett <paul-bennett@...>
Date:Wednesday, February 23, 2005, 2:59
So, I want to produce a believable 4D world and people, and of course, a language for them.

I can just about imagine 4D objects as a collection of 3D objects (in much the
same way as an architect or engineer can notate a 3D object as a set of 2D
drawings), but I really can't think in 4D yet.

I know several listmembers are into 4D, so I figured I'd ask a few questions, if
anyone cares to provide answers.

First, obviously, where can I find a good online primer to 4D?

Second -- actually, no, my second question is too hard to formulate at the moment,
but it has to do with sound waves emenating as spheres in 3D, hitting the
recipient virtually as 2D surfaces, and being percieved as 1D vibrations.

Third -- Each "pixel" of a 4D person's eyes is going to be a cube instead of a
square, right? Or is it going to still effectively behave like a square, being
as light rays are still zero-width lines?

Fourth -- I have seen the names "ana" and "kata" given to the two extra directions,
but I need words like forwards:front::ana:??? and so on.

And many more...




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