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Re: glottal and all/clicks?

From:Brad Coon <bradandjen@...>
Date:Wednesday, September 29, 1999, 12:39
Mike Adams wrote:

> Anyone know any good sources on Yupik and other lingos > (Inuit?). > Siberian Yupik > Yupik > Inupiaq > various Athabaskan lingos, such as Koyukon? >
Check with the Alaska Native Languages Center which I think is in UA-Fairbanks (and I will warn you, I usually get their name wrong.) They cover both Eskimo-Aleut lgs and northern Athabaskan. Not much out there on Koyukon but, the guy who 'supervised' my Master's thesis worked with the language. Look for books and articles with Chad Thompson as author or co-author, I know there is a book of texts at least.
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