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"Bird in Tree" translation

From:Elliott Lash <al260@...>
Date:Sunday, April 22, 2001, 17:58
daniel andreasson wrote:


Here is a small translation of a dialogue into Nakiltipkaspimak.This translation
exercise was done on Conlangs_in_use a while ago. The fun part is that I've
recorded it as a Real Audio-file and put it on my website as an example of how
Pimak sounds. The address is:

In Silindion: 

A: íd i nórëan pántëa
B: Tilísïo
A: më níva nárïan píva ó i phéndëavi
B: ëan níva úd élë kïello? 

id       i   norë-an  pantëa
look/see the tree-acc small


më       niva      narïan piva o  i   phendë-avi
there-is beautiful bird   red  at the  top-loc

ëan niva      ud            e-le     kiello
is  beautiful that/it(+emph)not-you  deny-inf. 

"élë kïello" =  "you dont deny?" 

to form negative sentences in Silindion, the negative verb ïello "to do not" is
used. The conjugation is as follows:

Indicative Active:  
Present   Imperfect        Past
ési éna    éneisi éneina    éisi éina 
élë énta   éneilë éneinta   éilë éinta
én  énto   énë    éneinto   ë    éinto

Indicative Passive:
Present:           Past:
érïasi  érïana    érïesi  érïena
érïalë  érïanta   érïelë  érïenta
énë     érïanto   érïe    érïento

Subjunctive Active:
 Present:    Past:
éisi éina    ëusi ëuna
éilë éinta   ëulë ëunta
éin  éinto   ëu   ëunto

Subjunctive Pastive:
 Present           Past:
érïesi   érïena    érïusi  érïuna
érïelë   érïenta   érïulë  érïunta 
éni      érïento   érïu    érïunto

These forms are then combined with the infinitive of the main verb in order to negative it:


kálë "you deny"  >  élë kïello "you dont deny"

(kïello < ka-yellod) 





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