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Re: "Bird in Tree" translation

From:Muke Tever <alrivera@...>
Date:Monday, April 23, 2001, 6:14
> >Here is a small translation of a dialogue into Nakiltipkaspimak.This > >translation exercise was done on Conlangs_in_use a while ago.
In Hadwan [a final version, produced after a couple hours of work...] -- Waisci skriwolon! -- Is waizo coz. -- Yis roskra k hala k sci hrai in. -- Mai! Halicor ca, ni? (Due to the viles of email all the diacritics have been removed from this bit.) Which sounds like: /wAI.'stsI SkrI.'wU.lUn/ /IS 'wAI.dzu: tsUdz/ /'y:.HIs rU.'SkrQ:k@ hA'lQ:k@ stsI xrAI In/ /mAI hAli:'tsUr tsA nI/ [It's not, perhaps, very pretty, but I suppose euphony isn't a high priority for monsters.] And breaks down thus: see .IMP-TR-2S tree .DIM.ACC wais-ci skriwo-lo -n 1SG-NOM see-IND.TR-1S 3SG-NEUT-ACC is waiz -o: coz bird.NOM red .NOM=and beautiful.NOM=and be-PRES-IND-3S top.LOC in y:is roskr-a: k hal -a: k sci hrai in EXCL beautiful.STAT-IND.INTR-3S 3SG-FEM-DAT NEG mai hal -i: -cor ca: ni And most of the abbrevs are straightforward but just in case: IMP = imperative IND = indicative TR = transitive INTR = intransitive <yis> "bird" is feminine, and <skriwolon> "tree-DIM" is neuter [I think all diminutives are], hence the pronoun use. BTW, is there any really *good* reason why my mailer (Outlook Express) has recently decided that any "Re:" in the subject of a reply is safely ignorable, and insists on adding its own in front of the subject? Right now this is <Re: Re: "Bird in Tree" translation>. Eh. I should be sleeping. *Muke! --