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Re: Natural Semantic Metalanguage

From:Mr Veoler <veoler@...>
Date:Monday, November 19, 2007, 15:31
MorphemeAddict wrote:
> What questions do you have? Maybe I can help. > I'd like to use NSM to create a language too. What do you have so far? > > stevo </HTML>
I have expanded it like this: I, YOU, THIS the (definite article/generic demonstative) (hypernym) he/she/it, that, yon ('sibling concept') SEE, HEAR perceive (hypernym) smell, feel, taste ('sibling concepts') and continuing with the rest of NSM. It feels awkward for me to need paraphrasing 'perceive', when 'see' and 'hear' are there as primes, the same goes for the others. My problems are as expressed below: Gary Shannon wrote:
> But on that page he does not give the "canonical contexts" which would > exemplify the region of semantic space occupied by each prime, so it might > take some digging through the published works listed in the bibliography. > The only problem is the prices of those books. Yikes!!!!
stevo, do you have definitions or contexts to those primes? Or do you recommend any specific of those books to start looking? (They are expensive!)