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Conlang Typology Survey

From:Garrett Jones <conlang@...>
Date:Tuesday, May 20, 2003, 15:43
I'm curious about the distribution of the types of conlangs on this list.
So, a survey. Maybe it will generate some on-topic discussions. Answer it
for your respective conlangs:

multiple choices can be selected for any of these questions if that makes
sense for your conlang.

1. morphological type
a. agglutinative
b. fusional/inflecting
c. polysynthetic
d. isolating

2. Word order
a. SOV
b. SVO
c. VSO
d. VOS
e. OVS
f. OSV
g. free

3. adposition/noun order
a. noun - preposition
b. preposition - noun

4. adjective/noun order
a. adj - noun
b. noun - adj

5. genitive/noun order
a. genitive - noun
b. noun - genitive

6. relative clause/noun order
a. rel. clause - noun
b. noun - rel. clause

7. main verb/aux verb order
a. main verb - aux verb
b. aux verb - main verb

8. adverb/verb order
a. adv - verb
b. verb - adv

9. compounding type
a. head-last compounding
b. head-first compounding

10. case type
a. nominative/accusative
b. ergative/absolutive
c. split ergative
d. other

11. tense system
a. time (past/present/future)
b. aspect
c. realis/irrealis

12. script
a. latin
b. other existing natlang script
c. con-script

and some free answer questions:

13. number of genders/noun classes
14. number of cases
15. number of phonemes
16. lexicon size

that's all the ones i could come up with quickly. so, how do your conlangs
Garrett Jones


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