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Kowei, tonal Indo-European language

From:E-Ching Ng <>
Date:Saturday, January 13, 2001, 4:28
By the way, I never told everyone what became of my tonal Indo-European language
project. Thank you all for answering those questions when I first joined the
list. I am particularly indebted to whoever used the word "tonogenesis",
because otherwise I would never have figured out the right keyword for my

I've temporarily posted the description of Kowei (ko is 'human' in my conlang, wei
is Fujian dialect for "language") at .
I may not republish, but I would very much like to hear what people think of
the way I finally scrambled towards tonogenesis and re-introduction of voiced

It is my first conlang, and it was thrown together in a few weeks for a not
exactly rigorous class, so please don't expect proper research (the Lamsek
villages are a fiction, and I have no idea what southwestern Fujian dialect
sounds like). Basically this was an experiment in creating an Indo-European
language with phonology like a southern Chinese dialect and grammar from
nowhere. Once I managed that I'm afraid I ran out of energy for inventing
further interesting developments, except for a Great Diphthong Shift.

Note: We were required to cite IE cognates of our conlang words, and some of these
might not display right, since I use special fonts (Old English at and IPA at ). This isn't terribly
important - the modern language itself is, I think, written in plain vanilla

Thanks all!